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Makeup Looks & Tips for Prom

Prom is here and you’ve got everything figured out – except your makeup! Getting your makeup professionally done can be an awesome experience, but maybe it’s not in your budget. Whether you’ll be doing it yourself or getting help from a makeup artist, you’ll want to know ahead of time what look you’re going for and how it’ll complement your dress.

Either way, we’ve put together some great beauty looks to inspire your prom look! And if you’re doing your own, we’ve included some tips and tricks to make sure you look flawless all night!

Look #1 Classic Soft Smoky Eye

Image/makeup from Marisa Rose via

This is a classic look that will look good on anyone and with any style of dress. It’s beautiful, yet understated – you can go more cool or warm to match your skin tone, but stick with neutral eyeshadow shades and don’t go too dark to avoid an overly dramatic look. This is a great way to enhance your eyes, and you can finish the look by adding a pink or peachy blush and lip!

Tip: Don’t forget to fill in your brows! With a more simple look, you want to make sure your eyebrows are done because they help frame your face and will stand out better in photos!

Look #2 Bold Lip

Image/makeup from Marisa Rose via

This can be such a fun look – it can be edgy or vampy, paired with a sleek dress to elevate the look. We love a deep berry hue in either a glossy or matte finish, but either way, it’ll be a more high-maintenance look that you’ll have to touch up throughout the night. Make sure to line your lips with a matching shade to help your color last, and keep the rest of the makeup very minimal with some rosy blush and black liner on the top part of your eye only.

Tip: You’ll want to make sure your makeup holds up during all the dancing, photos, and more, so priming and setting your look is key! Make sure to moisturize and use a primer that’s suited for your skin type – for dry skin, go with a hydrating or dewy primer, and for oily skin, pick a matte finish. After you’re all done, set with a finishing spray to lock in your look. Another tip for your skin is to stick with a foundation that doesn’t have SPF to avoid flashback in photos!

Look #3 Bronzed Beauty

Pinterest image via

If you have blue eyes, bronze eyeshadow will make your eyes pop! We love how it looks with glowy, bronzed skin, and peachy a blush and lip. Avoid using a black eyeliner which can look too harsh, instead try smudging the upper and lower lashes with a brown eyeshadow shade to add depth and define the eyes. To finish the look, add highlighter to the areas of your face where the light would naturally hit, like tops of your cheekbones, brow bone, and tip of your nose for a glowy goddess look!

Tip: Bronzer is one of our favorite beauty products, but with so many options, we’re here to help with how to use the different kinds. We prefer to have two types – one with shimmer, and one without. Use a matte, cool-toned bronzer to contour and add a natural shadow effect. You’ll have to use a more precise brush and place it in specific areas where you want to create a shadow, like the hallows of your cheeks. However, with a shimmer bronzer you can use a fluffy brush to apply across a broader area to warm up the face and give a natural sun-kissed glow!

Look #4 Retro Red

Lily Collins image via

If you love a vintage look, go with a retro red lip! It’s a classic look that evokes Old Hollywood glamour and is timeless, so you’ll never regret it when you look back on your prom photos! Keep the lip and skin matte for a more traditional look, but dewy skin and a glossy red lip will give it a more modern twist. Create a perfect winged cat eye with liquid liner (practice a few times before the big night!) to complete the look, and add just a bit of definition under the eye with a light brown shadow so the eyes don’t overpower the lip!

Tip: To create the perfect red lip that’ll last all night, the key is layering. Start off with a red lip liner to prevent the color from feathering. Apply one coat of the lipstick and blot with a tissue. Then, hold a tissue over your lips and dust some loose powder over your lips to help set the color. Next, apply another layer of your lipstick, blot to seal the color, and you’ll keep it from fading!

We hope these looks inspired you to find the perfect makeup style to complete your prom look! If you haven’t picked out your dress, you’ll find an amazing selection at Regiss, where you can shop online or at our of our four Kentucky locations!

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