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Be The Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Finding a wedding dress can be pretty difficult, but have you ever had to figure out the attire to a wedding as a guest?  Beach weddings and winter weddings and formal weddings…dress codes almost always seem to get lost in translation!  With cocktail dresses from designers Jovani, Sherri Hill, Rachel Allen and Alyce Paris, we found some pretty perfect dresses for those obscure themes!

Here’s a list of our favorite wedding guest dresses from some of our favorite designers on the Regiss website!



Summer Wedding

Rachel Allan Style #4409 is a dress that is made to wear to a summer event! With bright florals and a neutral base, this cocktail dress is perfect for a hot summer wedding! It flows in all the right places and the open top keeps it breezy without losing it formal appearance.



Fall Wedding

Rachel Allan Style #4486 is the perfect fall floral.  With a maroon and muted flower print, this off-shoulder two-piece is a great option for your fall wedding plans! The silky fabric adds that “colder-weather” tone while the open mid drift and shoulders will keep you cool on the dance floor!

Spring Wedding

This lacey, floral is a spring wedding dream come true! Paired with some nude heels and simple jewelry, this dress is perfect for the flowery season! Jovani Style #54632  features a two toned lace overlay and the most perfectly mesh-covered plunge neckline!

Winter Wedding

Winter weddings seem to be relatively formal and most dresses worn are made with thick and lush fabrics! Alyce Paris Style #3746 is perfect for an indoor winter wedding! Pair this strapless hi-low dress with a fur coat and you’ll be good to go in the cold!


Casual Wedding

Casual weddings can be difficult, because you never want to be underdressed, but you also don’t want to be over dressed.  This Jovani Style #50645 is a perfect happy medium! The bell sleeves and flowy silhouette give the casual appearance while the beading a v-neck add that feminine, cocktail style.


Formal Wedding

It’s always fun to dress up for formal weddings and this dress will definitely end up being one of your favorites! The midi silhouette and plunge neckline on Jovani Style #56000 perfectly complement each other in modesty and the gorgeous gold beading adds that striking detail!


Beach Wedding

This Sherri Hill Style #51489 is the perfect beach wedding dress.  Light and flowy and beaded to perfection, this neutral, yet colorful, design screams beach formal!

Shop more cocktail styles on our website or visit Regiss Showroom in Louisville, Bowling Green, Owensboro, or Glasgow, Kentucky to try on your favorite dresses!

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