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The Wedding Gown Silhouette Guide

Most women know what their ideal silhouette for their wedding dress would be: but do they know what it is called?  We know that these terms can be mixed up so easily, so we’ve created a guide for you to reference to whenever you are looking for a bridal or prom gown, or any long, special occasion dress!

The Regiss Bridal Showroom offers an array of dress silhouettes for you to try. Here is our silhouette guide for when you are searching for that certain style!


The A-Line Dress:

A-line dresses are a simple classic style that resembles the shape of an uppercase “A”.  This dress silhouette is comfortable and form flattering in all the right places while still giving you the perfect amount of room to walk around comfortably and dance the night away.


The Ballgown/Princess Dress:

The ballgown dress silhouette is made to make you feel like a glamorous princess.  With its fairy tale-esque fitted bodice and full skirt, this dress is perfect for women who like to cover up their lower body.  It is important to be careful when dressing a petite body type in this silhouette because it can be overwhelming.



The Mermaid Dress:

The mermaid silhouette dress is perfect for you hourglass ladies! With a fitted bodice and skirt until a flare around the knee or lower (like a mermaid’s tail), this dress is perfect to show off your curves.


The Sheath Dress:

While this is definitely a more fitted sheath style, it still has a similar look to the classic sheath silhouette.  A sheath dress straight from the neckline to the ankle and is a very narrow shape.


Shop these silhouettes for your bridal gown, and prom, homecoming, or special occasion dresses at Regiss online or at our store in Lansing, MI!


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